Terms & Conditions / Returns & Refunds

Terms & Conditions / Returns & Refunds

Terms & Conditions — Braymont UK

Using Your Account

When using this website, you will be responsible for keeping your password and your account confidential, and restrict computer access so that an unauthorized person is unable to access your account. You agree to take full responsibility for any activity that occurs on your account. You should make sure that your password is secure and kept confidential at all times. If your password is hacked or compromised, you should notify us immediately, so that we can prevent your account being used in an unauthorized manner. Please make sure that you provide us with complete and correct details regarding any changes you would like to make your account during registration. You can update any information you deem important from the My Account section on the website.

www.BraymontScales.co.uk  reserves the right to terminate accounts, refuse access to the website, cancel orders, and remove or edit accounts at their discretion. You will not be charged if an order is cancelled by the website.

Your Privacy

In order to understand the practices of www.BraymontScales.co.uk, you should review our Privacy Policy thoroughly.

Access to www.BraymontScales.co.uk

We will do everything in our power to ensure that you get unrestricted and uninterrupted access to the website without any errors in transmissions. However, we are unable to guarantee 100% access at all times, since the internet can be unpredictable. You may be unable to gain access to the website due to maintenance and repairs for the introduction of new services or facilities. Our aim is to reduce the duration and frequency of any restriction or suspension of access on the website.

Licence for website access

As a user of www.BraymontScales.co.uk you are given limited access to access and use this website personally. However, you may not download (page catching is acceptable), or modify any part of the website, without the written consent of www.BraymontScales.co.uk. This website access license doesn’t include any commercial use or resale of the website contents, or any collections, product listings, prices, or copying the contents of this website. The license also restricts any downloading and plagiarising of account information to benefit other merchants, or using robots, data mining, extraction and data gathering tools.

This website or any part of this website may not be duplicated, sold, copied, resold, exploited, or reproduced for commercial purposes without written consent of www.BraymontScales.co.uk.

You may also not use frame or other framing techniques to enclose any logo, trademark or other proprietary information (which includes forms, page layout, text, or images) of www.BraymontScales.co.uk without their written consent. You are also not allowed to use Meta tags or other ‘hidden text’ using the www.BraymontScales.co.uk trademarks or names without the written consent of www.BraymontScales.co.uk. If unauthorized use is noticed, it will terminate the access license or permission granted by www.BraymontScales.co.uk.

You have been granted a non-exclusive, revocable and limited right to create a hyperlink to the Welcome Page of www.BraymontScales.co.uk, if the link doesn’t portray www.BraymontScales.co.uk, or any of its services, products, or affiliates in an offensive, derogatory, misleading or false manner. You may also not use any www.BraymontScales.co.uk trademark, logo or proprietary graphic as a part of the link without acquiring written consent.

Your conduct

You aren’t allowed to use this website in a manner that may cause the website or access to the website to be impaired, damaged or interrupted in any way.

You understand that you will be held accountable and not www.BraymontScales.co.uk, for all electronic content and communications sent from your computer to the website, and therefore must use the website for lawful reasons only.

You aren’t allowed to use the website for the following:

You may not use the website for fraudulent purposes, or in connection with unlawful activity or criminal offence for using any material that is obscene, menacing, defamatory, indecent, abusive, offensive, illegal, in breach of privacy, confidence, trademark, copyright, or injurious to third parties.

You may also not use the website for objectionable content, which consists or contains political campaigning, chain letters, commercial solicitation, software viruses, mass mailings or ‘spam’ that may annoy, inconvenience or cause anxiety to an individual.

Reviews, comments, communications and other content

All users of this website may post comments, reviews, content, communicate, submit questions, comments, ideas suggestions, and information, as long as the content is not a form of ‘spam’, doesn’t consist of political campaigning, mass mailings, chain letters, commercial solicitation, software viruses, isn’t injurious to third parties, doesn’t infringe intellectual property rights, invade privacy, or is defamatory, threatening, abusive, obscene or illegal.

You may also not impersonate another entity or person, or use a false email address to mislead anyone. www.BraymontScales.co.uk reserves the right (but isn’t obligated) to edit or remove any content on the website.

Copyright and database rights

All content that is included on the website like the software, data compilations, digital downloads, audio clips, images, button icons, logos, graphics, and text is the property of www.BraymontScales.co.uk, or its content suppliers, and is protected by international and United Kingdom copyright and database right laws. All the content compiled on the website is the property of www.BraymontScales.co.uk  and is protected by the international and United Kingdom copyright and database right laws. All software on the website is the property of www.BraymontScales.co.uk, or their software suppliers and is protected by international and United Kingdom copyright laws.

You may not extract or reuse any parts of the content compiled on the website, without the written consent of www.BraymontScales.co.uk. You may also not use robots, data mining, or any other data extraction and gathering tools to extract (once or many times) for reusing parts of the website, without acquiring the written consent of www.BraymontScales.co.uk. You may also not create or publish your own database, which features considerable (e.g. the product listings and prices) parts of the website without the written consent of www.BraymontScales.co.uk


www.BraymontScales.co.uk isn’t responsible for any losses you may suffer due to breaching these conditions, if the losses had been foreseeable to both parties before you commenced using the website. We will not be responsible for any business losses you incur (which includes loss of revenue, contracts, data, goodwill, wasted expenditure, loss of profits, or anticipated savings) or any consequential or indirect loss that isn’t foreseeable to both parties when you commenced using the website, or when the contract for the sale of goods was drawn. www.BraymontScales.co.uk doesn’t limit any liability by personal injury or death caused by our breach of duty or negligence.


Warranties are supplied free of charge on all Scales and Balances. Warranties are strictly supplied only by the manufacturer, and any warranty claim will be strictly under the control of the manufacturer. Warranty guidelines must be adhered to from the first day of use of your item. User instructions are supplied within the User Manual which will be included within the parcel on arrival. Please make sure you read the guidelines clearly, prior to using your Scale or Balance.

Amendments to the Conditions or Alteration of Service

We reserve all rights to change our website, our policies and the conditions regarding Usage and Sale at any given time. You will need to conform to any policies and the conditions of Usage and Sale that have been implemented at the time you are using your website, unless these policies and conditions need to be changed by law or government authority. If the conditions are deemed to be invalid, void or unenforceable, it will not affect the enforceability and validity of the condition.

Events beyond our reasonable control

We are not responsible for any delays or the failure to comply with our obligations under the conditions if the failure or delay is caused by anything that is beyond our reasonable control. This condition will not affect your statutory rights.

Calibration Certificates

Must be ordered at the time of purchasing the Scale or Balance, and are found usually within Related Products or in the Accessories Category. Otherwise you will need to locate your own Calibration Service Provider. Although we will do our best to offer Calibration Certificates at the time of purchase (if over the telephone), however we cannot be liable for not advising of every detail. If you're business is ISO Accredited, you will require a Calibration Certificate, however only you will know this. If after the purchase and receipt of the Scale or Balance, that you realise you require a Calibration Certificate, then you can of course book a third party Calibration Service to visit you, and issue a certificate, obviously at cost.


If you have breached any of the above mentioned conditions and we haven’t taken any action, we are still entitled to use our rights and can remedy any situation where you have breached the conditions.

Governing law and jurisdiction

The conditions are governed and construed according to the laws of England and Wales. You have agreed, along with us, to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

Electronic communications

When you are visiting www.BraymontScales.co.uk or sending emails to us, you are directly communicating with us electronically. We will communicate with you by posting notices on the website or through email. For contractual purposes, you have the right to receive communications electronically from us and agree that all disclosures, notices, and agreements provided to you electronically have satisfied all legal requirements of such communications. This condition will not affect your statutory rights.


At Braymont Scales we choose to sell only the finest quality products on the market. However from time to time a product may become faulty. We make sure that all our products are supplied with no-nonsense Warranties, guaranteeing that you will receive a new working item, in the instance that your original purchase becomes faulty, within the Warranty period.

Items must be opened and tested within the first 14 days of being received. Any faulty items reported to us after the initial 14 days, will only be exchanged, under discretion. If within the initial 14 days of your purchase, you feel that you are unhappy with the product(s) you have purchased from us, then please contact us immediately to discuss.

Once discussed, and if a Return is granted, you must then return the item in its original state, including original packaging, to the Manufacturer's address, which will be supplied to you. Once we have received the returned item in question, the item will then receive testing, in order to make sure it hasn't been 'rented' and/or damaged. If during testing it is found that there are no faults , but instead there have been 'user errors' then we are obliged to charge an Inspection Fee (which will be no greater than the purchase price of the Scale or Balance), plus a re-delivery charge. All of which will be discussed with you once testing is complete.

If testing shows a non-user fault, we will be more than happy to discuss an Exchange or Refund.


This policy is offered in addition to your legal rights.